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When we are mindful, we are present.

Totally here, in this moment.

We perceive - where we are, what we do, what we feel.

Instead of thinking about the past or the future, we focus our thoughts on the here and now, listen inside, feel, taste, smell more attentively.

In this way we reduce everyday stress and are generally happier and more relaxed.

By consciously perceiving the little things in life, we can also enjoy them more, which leads to more contentment and happiness.


I’m delighted that more people are becoming interested in yoga, mindfulness, and meditation and are enjoying the ever-expanding benefits of these practices.

With this course I want you to contribute to growing insight and wisdom in your life. I want you to find ways to relieve any psychological and physical challenges you may have and also utilize the teachings as your foundation for a healthier and happier life.

I hope that you will be touched by mindfulness and that you too experience how mindfulness can help you to be milder towards yourself and others as well as help you become more accepting, more loving, more aware, more courageous, and wiser.

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