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YMH offers a variety of classes depending on your personal needs and goals.

Whether you need to tone your body or relieve aches and pains, there is something for everybody in the practice of yoga. Using my extensive understanding of the human body and psyche, I aim to bring ease and mobility to the body, giving you added strength and flexibility you never knew you had.


"The road of yoga is endless, it all starts with a pose and a thought, and expands into a never ending path of self discovery and growth."


I value each and every person who joins my class and I look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals.


This is designed specifically for those who travel frequently and would like to continue their yoga practice while away from home. It is also ideal for those who live anywhere in the world including areas where yoga is inaccessible. Perhaps you find it difficult to attend regular classes, don’t have time to commute to a studio or simply want to enjoy a personalised practice wherever you are then this is the optimal opportunity for you.

Anyone irrespective of age, health, circumstances of life, and religion, can practice yoga.

...more vitality and energy
...more strength and flexbility
...tension and pain reduction
...inner peace and balance
...less stress
...higher quality of life
...mental clarity
...higher self confidence
...harmony in body, mind and soul


Your Yoga Teacher

Angelina Rodau

Yoga is an integral part of my mat and my life. It makes me happy when I can help other people to change their body, mind and soul for the better.

As in any profession, you never stop learning as a yoga teacher. That's why I read a lot and try to practice on a daily basis. I’m not only constantly expanding my knowledge, but also collect new ideas.

As the saying goes, “practice what you preach.”

I have my own unique style of yoga. It is based on Vinyasa Flow, which is intuitively combined with elements from Yin Yoga and Anusara Yoga. Meditation and pranayama should not be missing in my yoga classes and I love to combine my classes with yoga philosophy, suitable for everyday use.

The goal is to motivate my students to live YOGA on and off the mat and that my students reconnect more intensively with themselves and their bodies, get to know themselves better, connect with their inner being, start chasing their wildest dreams, and take care of the most important thing in their life – themselves.

I would like to accompany you on this wonderful path of self-discovery.

See you on the mat.

 +1 (829) 394-9388

Angelina Rodau 

Yoga Teacher Angelina Rodau

Private Yoga Class

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